The Lighter explores the notion of fate. Is our path pre-ordained or do we have a choice in the directions we take? 

The Lighter, voiced by Joanna Lumley, is the story of a lighter that is dropped in and out of the lives of a variety of characters, amongst being; a homeless man, a French Chef, an arsonist, to a Hit man suffering from toothache. Each owner of the lighter find themselves in a moral dilemma and depending on the choice each owner makes; their fate is either inflicted or bestowed upon them.

Each time the lighter changes hands, the genre of film style changes. There are seven stories exploring seven genres, ranging from a romantic comedy to a film noir. All of them connected by the lighter. As life is not one simple character arc and more a collection of moments, we explore this, by finding our lead character witnessing life changing moments for the characters involved in the film.