The Clemens Bros. wrote, produced & directed ‘The Lighter’ a promotional short for the forthcoming feature film, ‘The Lighter’. The film stars Sir Roger Moore (The Saint, James Bond), Stephen Wight (Evening Standard Best Newcomer Award Winner, Wilderness, Sherlock Holmes, Whites, Highlander The Source), Sean Knopp (The Sky in Bloom), Youssef Kerkour (360, Path to 9/11, Infinite Justice) and new up coming talent Sarah Armstrong. The score was composed by TCM Composer Nominee, Edward White of Alpha Dog Music Ltd (A Beautiful Wave, Nine Lives, Steel Bars). CGI elements were created by Christopher Anthony (X-Men Last Stand, Indiana Jones, Iron Man) & Andy Flatt. The promo is the Romantic Comedy section of the full feature film. Which intends to give you a sense of what the finished film will be like.


We open on two young guys, George & Ricardo.  Ricardo is a lothario of the night, wanting a night on the town to find themselves some ladies. George is a reticent type preferring a quite drinking atmosphere but Ricardo reassures him of his prowess; likening his approach strategy to James Bond. After some confidence boosting they head into the bar. Ricardo leaves George to buy some drinks. At the bar George has bought the drinks. Taking his change, he fumbles with it dropping it on the floor. Collecting his change, he spies the lighter. Suddenly, a beautiful pair of legs slide past. A rich voice over begins, speaking George’s thoughts. It is Roger Moore. The girl has a cigarette in one hand and is looking for a light. On meeting eyes with the girl they go on a romantic montage through time. Only to crash back to reality when offering her a light she retorts she is gay. George leaves and bumps into another girl, Maria. She is the identical twin sister to the girl from the bar. Unlike her English sister she was raised in France. She picks up his lighter, we leave them knowing they are a match.