The Treatment


Six friends are on a stag do. The destination? Somerset Meadows, an empty mansion, miles from civilisation, and it’s all theirs for the weekend.

What they don’t know is, that they are not alone.

Somerset Meadows holds a dark secret. Formerly Grantham Manor, an asylum for the clinically insane, it was home to a Dr. Hektor Mason. A pioneer in psycho-surgery and brutal experimental treatments, he was to be feared by his patients to the point of inducing catatonia. His methods rubbished by his medical peers, and finally declared insane, he was himself incarcerated to Grantham Manor. He proceeded to murder every patient in the hospital.

Now a hundred years on, and renovated as a private residence, Somerset Meadows is haunted by the deceased patients as still figures, (The Still) who only move when no-one is watching them. The Doctor’s work is far from over, and he will re-enact his brutal treatments on all who stay at Somerset house.